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The City by the Bay captures the love of over 25 million visitors each year! Charming, chilly and creative, there's no other place like it. Ensure you're making the most of your travels by following this loca's guide to fun, food and bus fare.

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Plants! Fresh Decor For Modern Homes

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Find Your Roots

Have you ever felt like you're living in a house but not a home? If yes, you're not alone! Creating a space that looks as good as it feels isn't easy, and it's often not just about what you put in it. Introducing plants not only brightens a space, they form a ritual of care.

No more impulse buys! Everything you want goes into a tracking sheet. Set a date to go over your wish list and decide if you still feel strongly about a potential purchase.

Set Rules

All Work Should Be Play

All Work Should Be Play

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Start Simple

Getting started with minimalism is easy; if you don't love it and you don't use it, let it go. There isn't a science, you don't need a style, you just need to start noticing. Keep track of what stands out and if it leaves you wit positive or negative feelings.

Know before you go

San Francisco is America's most walkable city with wide weather forecast. Come prepared with layers and comfortable shoes.

Avoid forced fun

Be careful about mandatory outings or activities. Instead, look where fun is happening naturally and try to grow it! Is your team gathering in the break room? Make sure there's enough chairs for everyone!